The Advantages of Hiring Mobile Showers and Toilets for Different Events and Venues

19 July 2019

Planning and setting up different events and venues involve numerous details, including how to provide attendees and visitors a place to address their personal necessities conveniently. While permanent amenities for some locations are already present, they may not be sufficient to handle the crowds during special occasions. At other times, though, the locations are set up on a temporary basis and do not contain any amenities at all. In either scenario, leasing or hiring mobile showers and toilets is the ideal answer to offer adequate facilities for your guests or visitors. We list some of the benefits of taking this action in the information that follows.


Leasing mobile toilets and showers provide convenience for your attendees and visitors to events or various venues. They reduce the lines at permanent ones if there are ones or offer facilities when none are currently on-site. People are more likely to come to venues and events when they know amenities will be there to take care of their personal functions in comparison to places and special happenings that fail to supply the amenities.

Flexible Options

You can choose from an assortment of configurations in order to best suit your needs. There are blocks with just toilets or showers as well as blocks with a combination of both. The latter is ideal when your location has limited space.

Suitable for Large Groups

Since you can add as many blocks of mobile showers and toilets as you need, you can accommodate even large groups of people easily. All you need to do is analyse your available space and order as many blocks as it allows.

Easy to Access and Use

Another benefit of leasing mobile toilets and showers is that your guests or visitors will have an easy time accessing and using them. Instructions are posted in appropriate places to show people how to operate any of their functions.

An Affordable Way to Provide Amenities

In comparison to constructing permanent shower or toilet facilities, hiring mobile ones is highly cost-effective. Also, you only pay for them in your time of need.

No Maintenance Requirements on Your Part

Maybe the best benefit of all when hiring mobile toilets and showers is that you do not have to worry about maintenance. That is right, you will not need to clean or perform any other maintenance tasks on these portable units. The leasing company will take care of all these tasks for you.

For further details about the advantages of hiring mobile showers and toilets, contact our company, Geoff’s Mobile Showers & Toilets in Melbourne, Australia. We will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the best possible service each and every time you turn to us for our rental units.

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