Geoff's Mobile Showers and Toilets: Your Best Choice When Hiring for Portable Toilets and Showers in Melbourne

22 August 2019

One major concern that all hosts have when planning a large event is how to provide toilet and/or shower facilities to their guests in a sanitary, convenient and cost-effective way. After all, the event venue may lack sufficient access to handle the volume of attendees. If you are faced with this conundrum at present and are in the Melbourne area of Australia, our company of Geoff’s Mobile Showers & Toilets has the perfect solution for you. We rent our portable units of toilets, showers or a combination of both to all types of companies, organisations, educational facilities and homeowners. Read on to learn additional details about why to turn to us for these units for your next event.

About Geoff’s

Geoff’s Mobile Showers & Toilets lease out various configurations of mobile units for toilets, showers or even combination ones that are suitable for a wide assortment of venues and events. Whether you are hosting a major company event, concert, community gathering, casual family get-together or other type of event, we can supply you with sufficient units to provide your guests with convenient access to facilities.

Various Models Are Available for Your Consideration

Toilet Units:

• One model contains 14 total pans with five for men and nine for women. Other amenities include two hand basins and mirrors, and one urinal for the males, and three hand basins and mirrors for the women. This option is 3.5 x 13.5 metres. There are two staircase entrances, one for each sex.

• Another version of our toilet units is a combination of showers and toilets. It is 2.5 x 12.6 metres. There are five toilets and five showers on each side of the mobile unit with a wall in the middle. The stairs are next to each for the entrances.

Shower Units:

• We offer one large shower unit that includes nine male and nine female showers with three basins and mirrors for each sex. There is a divider wall down the middle of the unit and separate entrances for each sex. This unit measures 3.4 x 12.0 metres.

• If you do not need as many showers as the above unit supplies, we offer one in the same size that contains two showers for men and two for women.

Our Company Maintains and Services Your Mobile Showers and Toilets During the Rental Period

Geoff’s supplies operators with each rental contract to ensure that our units are cleaned and restocked as necessary to keep them hygienic and ready for use. The operators clean the toilet units, at least once a day, and the showers, at least twice a day. Of course, if either requires additional cleaning, they perform it without extra charge.

Consult with us to learn additional information or browse through our website. Let us be your answer for your needs for portable showers and toilets.

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