Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring Portable Toilet Units

22 November 2019

Important outdoor events such as weddings, gatherings, and parties take hours for the whole thing to be finished. Most of the time, event managers find a place with all the essentials so that their guests can enjoy the occasion. One of the essentials is the comfort room, which is the only place where people get to free themselves from suffering and agony.

As indicated by the name, comfort rooms can relieve us from feeling the urge to release human wastes. We also go to these rooms to freshen up a bit by rinsing our face or applying makeup. However, not all public places for events have comfort rooms. Even though a place has the most elegant architecture in town, if it has no comfort room, then this poses a significant problem for you and your guests.

Luckily, portable toilet units are available for rent. These units can work as a remedy to the necessary needs of guests when attending an outdoor event. Aside from events, construction sites also use portable toilet units for the sanitary purposes of workers. If this is the first time you’ve heard of renting portable toilet units, then the following items will answer all the questions you have in mind.

What is included in a portable toilet unit?

Aside from the toilet itself, hand basins and hand soap can be seen on each side of the portable toilet unit. Paper hand towels are also available for drying. These materials prioritise your comfort even after flushing your toilet bowls.

Where can I use the portable toilet units?

As mentioned, portable toilet units can be used in small to huge events like weddings, gatherings, and parties. Even concerts can use portable toilet units to cater to everyone at the venue. Construction sites may also rent portable toilet units for workers.

Can I use the portable toilet units at any event?

Yes. Some companies have portable toilet units that are designed with elegance. Higher-end portable toilet units have additional amenities like mirrors, air condition, and classy flooring. These special units are also spacious.

How many portable toilet units do I need?

This depends on your needs. You must, however, take into consideration the number of people who are projected to use the comfort rooms in a specific duration or timeline. A huge event expects a lot of people, and a lot of people require more room for comfort. If you are going to serve food or drinks, you must add more portable toilet units to cover all potential users.

Where should I place the portable toilet units?

Portable toilet units can be placed anywhere outdoors without any obstacles and obtrusions. Also, make sure that your portable toilet unit is located in a place where queue lines won’t affect the whole event. Place your portable units on a sturdy level surface to avoid any accidents. Lighting is a must for your guests to find it easily.

Will the portable toilet units be wheelchair accessible?

Some of the portable toilet units are wheelchair accessible. You just have to ask and request from your provider.

Are portable toilet units sanitary?

Yes. Portable toilet units are designed to be maintained around the clock. The flushing option is added to the toilets so that the waste accumulation can be avoided. Hand basins and hand soaps are also included so that guests can wash their hands carefully.

How are the portable toilet units maintained?

The company behind the portable toilet units will provide attendants that will wipe the surfaces clean, replace toilet paper, and add air fresheners every hour or ask requested. They will also do the entire cleanup routine after using all the portable toilet units to eliminate bacteria and other related elements.

Do you have any events or construction projects? Do you want to have your portable toilet units? Then contact us now at Geoff’s Mobile Showers & Toilers as we provide you the best comfort needs that you deserve.

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