Reasons Why Event Organisers Should Consider Hiring Portable Toilets

7 August 2019

Event organisers have numerous details to tend to when planning any kind of group gathering, including how to provide bathroom facilities to the event attendees and workers. While certain venues contain some restrooms, others do not have any at all. Luckily, there is an easy answer to this part of planning a large gathering of people, and that is to simply hire mobile or portable toilets. We explore the many benefits of taking this action below.

A Cost-Effective Method of Providing Bathroom Facilities on a Temporary Basis

In comparison to installing permanent bathrooms in a venue, hiring mobile toilets is the more cost-effective choice. Construction costs for adding restrooms to an existing structure are higher than if they are included at the time the building is first erected. Event organisers pay for the portable toilets on an as-needed basis, and the cost is far less than constructing permanent facilities.

Offers Guest Comfort and Convenience

Mobile toilets provide even attendees and workers a convenient, comfortable place to relieve themselves periodically during the event. They also reduce the time waiting in line for the venue’s bathroom facilities.

Supplies Hygienic Facilities for Taking Care of Personal Needs

Since the mobile toilets also contain toilet paper, sinks, soap and towels, they also offer hygienic facilities to event workers and attendees. They can wipe their private parts after using the toilets along with washing their hands before they rejoin the event in progress.

Lessens Traffic to the Venue’s Bathrooms

The lines can be ridiculously long when event organisers fail to provide sufficient toilet facilities. This spoils the fun of the attendees as well as reduces the productivity of workers. Portable toilets lower the volume of traffic of those who are going to the restrooms.

Reduces Cleaning and Maintenance

Another reason that event organisers should hire mobile toilets is the fact that they lower the cleaning and maintenance responsibilities. The rental company will take care of restocking, cleaning and even repairing any problems.

Eco-Friendly in Operation

If event organisers are concerned about the environmental impact of mobile toilets, they can rest easy. Waste disposal is performed by the rental companies in a specific way as to not harm the environment.

Accommodates All Event Attendees

Portable toilets are easy for all age groups of attendees to use from young children to the elderly. Also, they are handicap accessible.

For further facts about why event organisers should consider hiring portable toilets, consult with Geoff’s Mobile Showers & Toilets. We specialise in renting blocks of toilets, showers or a combination of both for all types of events and locations.

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