Reasons Why the Highest Standards for Hygiene is Important when Renting Mobile Toilets and Showers

2 December 2019

Doing outdoor activities, especially construction projects, can cost all involved workers and authorities to work on a site for several months or even years. Depending on the project, these people including you must have access to every facility necessary for the continuous progress of the project. One specific facility that a site needs is mobile toilets and showers. 

Mobile toilets and showers provide people around the site or event area a sense of comfort. This mobile facility is useful when there are no available onsite toilets and showers for people to go to. Moreover, they are more practical and cost cheaper than constructing a permanent one. 

Benefits of Mobile Toilets and Showers

There are numerous benefits of hiring mobile toilets and showers on a specific site. First, this facility can give people on the area convenience. The people on the site don’t have to go for a long walk to search for the nearest toilet or shower. Next, mobile toilets and showers improve the productivity of the people in the area since they don’t have to worry about where to go. Also, this facility can make them feel more comfortable with their environment. Third, these mobile facilities can give people privacy. Some property or project site owners don’t want their workers to use their toilets. Lastly, mobile toilets and showers maintain the cleanliness and safety of the workers and the site.

Highest Standards for Hygiene Necessary

With the mentioned benefits, the mobile toilets and showers must be maintained as thorough as possible. Since some outdoor activities can last for months, it is expected that these mobile facilities are used repetitively by the people in the area. With improper maintenance, these facilities can cause an outbreak of diseases among workers, which leads to slowdowns and delays of work, among other effects.

There are various reasons why the highest standards for hygiene are important when renting mobile toilets and showers.

  • Germs are Eliminated: Mobile toilets and showers onsite must have the necessary sanitary tools so that people won’t skip the cleaning process. Always place some soap, hand sanitiser, paper towels, and other items to effectively enhance the body hygiene of people onsite. Make sure that the running water is clean and warm. Through the presence of these things, the spread of germs is eliminated, which reduces the chance of people infected by diseases.
  • Sick Days are Reduced: Researchers have concluded that the connection between the presence of sanitary tools and people using them are related. Without sanitary tools, people would just leave the toilets and showers without washing their hands. But if mobile toilets and showers have the necessary sanitary tools, the people who are using these facilities will be saved from any sickness, which in return can yield much more productive workers and people.
  • Company Quality is Evaluated: The highest standards of hygiene, or lack thereof, are being monitored by people who are using mobile toilets and showers. If your company offers mobile toilet and bathroom services but doesn’t maintain them well, then it would drastically reflect how people see your company. For them, if you can’t take care of their needs, what are some possible reasons that they will support your cause or project?
  • All Rights and Laws are Respected: Sanitation is one of the most common factors that make a project successful or not. If sanitation is nowhere to be found, some legal and financial implications will sprout because of an unclean workplace. Breach of requirements may be one of the violations out of dirty toilets and showers. 

Renting mobile toilets and showers is a must when doing outdoor activities and construction projects to maintain sanitation. If you want to rent mobile toilets and showers, give us a call here at Geoff’s Mobile Showers & Toilets. We can provide you the best mobile facilities in Australia.

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