Plan Your Large Holiday Events and Parties Ahead of Time: Book Now for Mobile Toilets' Rental

16 October 2019

It never pays to wait until the last minute to plan your large holiday event or party. You must start early enough to provide sufficient time to notify the guests, arrange for the venue, prepare the menu, buy all the necessary food or hire a caterer, decide on the entertainment and last but maybe most importantly book the mobile toilets’ rental. Fail to do so on the last item and you will have a lot of discontented guests waiting to take care of their personal business. This will not make you the best host or hostess in their minds.

Holiday Season Is a Busy Time for Portable Toilet Rental Companies

Remember that you will not be the only one in search of mobile toilet rentals. The companies that provide them are quite busy during the holiday season. This is one of the main reasons to organise your rental ahead of time.

You Can Book Mobile Toilet Units Months Ahead of an Event or Party

Companies that rent portable toilets will schedule your rental months in advance if you contact one. Once you accomplish this task, you can move on to the rest of your event or party planning.

Early Booking Guarantees You the Mobile Toilet Units of Your Choice

Another reason to book your portable toilets now for your large holiday events or parties is to be able to receive the units of your choice instead of settling for what is left. In addition, it is easier to bargain on price when you give advance notice.

Geoff’s Mobile Showers & Toilets Offers Two Options in Portable Toilet Units

• Our toilet-only unit contains nine pans and three basins on the women’s side, and five pans, one urinal and two basins on the men’s side. There are separate entrances on each side as well for privacy. It measures 3.5 metres by 13.5 metres.

• Geoff’s also offers a combination unit that includes both showers and toilets. Each side has five toilets and four showers. There are two entrances, one for men and one for women, with the stairs side by side in the front middle of this combo unit. It measures 2.5 metres by 12.6 metres.

Act now to relieve the stress of organising your large gathering at least as far as your needs for mobile toilets’ rentals. Meet with our company as soon as you know where your large events or parties will take place. We will analyse the available space and make our recommendations. If you agree, we will reserve the type and number of units that you require. Also, we provide an operator to care for them during the event, so that they work appropriately and stay stock with consumables efficiently.

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