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Reasons Why the Highest Standards for Hygiene is Important when Renting Mobile Toilets and Showers

2 December 2019

Doing outdoor activities, especially construction projects, can cost all involved workers and authorities to work on a site for several months or even years. Depending on the project, these people including you must have access to every facility necessary for the continuous progress of the project. One specific facility that a site needs is mobile toilets and showers.

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Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring Portable Toilet Units

22 November 2019

Important outdoor events such as weddings, gatherings, and parties take hours for the whole thing to be finished. Most of the time, event managers find a place with all the essentials so that their guests can enjoy the occasion. One of the essentials is the comfort room, which is the only place where people get to free themselves from suffering and agony.

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Know the Benefits of Hiring Mobile Showers and Toilets during a Construction Project

5 November 2019

You may think that a construction project will only take you a couple of days, but it actually depends on the nature of the project. Maybe you want to renovate a portion of your house, or you just want to remodel the structure of your backyard. Whatever the case may be, one of the necessary factors you must think for the workers you hired are their welfare. Even if these workers offer their services at your cost, you must still give them an access to a workable environment.

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Plan Your Large Holiday Events and Parties Ahead of Time: Book Now for Mobile Toilets' Rental

16 October 2019

It never pays to wait until the last minute to plan your large holiday event or party. You must start early enough to provide sufficient time to notify the guests, arrange for the venue, prepare the menu, buy all the necessary food or hire a caterer, decide on the entertainment and last but maybe most importantly book the mobile toilets’ rental. Fail to do so on the last item and you will have a lot of discontented guests waiting to take care of their personal business. This will not make you the best host or hostess in their minds.

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Portable Showers and Toilets Make Life Easier for Campers and the Operators of Campgrounds

07 October 2019

All types of group gatherings benefit from portable showers and toilets. This even holds true for those who enjoy camping every year. These mobile units even make life more pleasant for campers and the campground operators. They allow campers to access the comforts of home to take care of their personal needs while they make maintenance and cleanup easier for those who manage or own the campgrounds.

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Spring Events in Australia That Might Need Portable Showers and Toilets

19 September 2019

Renting portable showers and toilets is the perfect way to provide facilities to large groups of people. Not only do individuals and companies require these mobile facilities for different gatherings but also organised happenings such as the following types of spring events that occur in Australia have a need to rent these portable units.

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Hire Mobile Toilets During Big Events Because Sanitation Matters

3 September 2019

Providing sufficient bathroom facilities for your event attendees should be at the top of your list. Do not be similar to others who forget about this important step. Not only do your guests deserve a place to take care of their personal business, but it also keeps the entire event hygienic. Since most locations do not have enough restrooms for a large-capacity crowd, the solution for supplying this need is to hire mobile toilets for the duration of any big event for all the following reasons.

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Geoff's Mobile Showers and Toilets: Your Best Choice When Hiring for Portable Toilets and Showers in Melbourne

22 August 2019

One major concern that all hosts have when planning a large event is how to provide toilet and/or shower facilities to their guests in a sanitary, convenient and cost-effective way. After all, the event venue may lack sufficient access to handle the volume of attendees. If you are faced with this conundrum at present and are in the Melbourne area of Australia, our company of Geoff’s Mobile Showers & Toilets has the perfect solution for you.

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Reasons Why Event Organisers Should Consider Hiring Portable Toilets

7 August 2019

Event organisers have numerous details to tend to when planning any kind of group gathering, including how to provide bathroom facilities to the event attendees and workers. While certain venues contain some restrooms, others do not have any at all. Luckily, there is an easy answer to this part of planning a large gathering of people, and that is to simply hire mobile or portable toilets. We explore the many benefits of taking this action below.

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The Advantages of Hiring Mobile Showers and Toilets for Different Events and Venues

19 July 2019

Planning and setting up different events and venues involve numerous details, including how to provide attendees and visitors a place to address their personal necessities conveniently. While permanent amenities for some locations are already present, they may not be sufficient to handle the crowds during special occasions. At other times, though, the locations are set up on a temporary basis and do not contain any amenities at all.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring Mobile Showers and Toilets for Group Gatherings and Events?

4 July 2019

When people attend group gatherings and events, they have certain personal needs that they need to address periodically to fully enjoy themselves. Hiring portable or mobile showers and toilets will help your guests address their needs effectively and conveniently. While some may only require the use of the toilets, others might want to take a shower to refresh their bodies after a day of activity. Refer to the following to learn more about the benefits of hiring these elements to use at your next group event or gathering.

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