Portable Showers and Toilets Make Life Easier for Campers and the Operators of Campgrounds

07 October 2019

All types of group gatherings benefit from portable showers and toilets. This even holds true for those who enjoy camping every year. These mobile units even make life more pleasant for campers and the campground operators. They allow campers to access the comforts of home to take care of their personal needs while they make maintenance and cleanup easier for those who manage or own the campgrounds. We know this since our company, Geoff’s Mobile Showers & Toilets, provides these units.

Our Mobile Units Come in Different Configurations

We lease various configurations of mobile units with toilets, showers, or a combination of both. One toilet unit has five pans for men, one urinal for men, nine pans for women, two basins for men and three basins for women. The other toilet unit contains five toilets and four showers for men and the same for women. With our shower-only units, we offer one with 18 showers and one with four. In all cases, men and women have separate entrances.

Both Men and Women Can Use These Units in Privacy

Walls divide the men from the women, so that both sexes can have the privacy that they desire while taking care of their personal business. While you have the choice of marking these “unisex” if your group of campers merit it, the standard offering from our company still marks the units for men on one side and women on the other side.

We Provide an Operator to Maintain and Restock the Units

Another reason that our mobile units make life easier for campground managers or owners and campers is that we provide an operator with each rental contract to restock and maintain each unit. This operator will make sure that the units are clean and sanitary, and stocked with the necessary toilet paper, paper towels and soap for the convenience of the users.

Supplement Your Permanent Restrooms with Our Mobile Units

While your campground may contain permanent restrooms, at peak times, you may need to supplement them with our mobile units to handle the increased demand. By doing so, campers will not need to stand in line. In the event that your campground does not have any restrooms at all, you can rent our units for the entire season.

Browse through our website or contact us for further facts about how our portable showers and toilets make life easier for campers and campground operators. We will issue you an accurate quote for your needs upon request. Once you experience our excellent service, you will never turn elsewhere for mobile toilets and showers.

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