Portable Showers and Toilets: Perfect for Music Festivals in Australia

14 January 2020

Portable showers and toilets are one of innovation’s birth children that people are most thankful for. They have become a solution to an otherwise ongoing problem of providing restroom establishments to outdoor events and the like. They are deemed as important in a variety of scenarios – from construction zones to music festivals. Below are instances that prove how beneficial portable showers and toilets can be perfect for music festivals in Australia.

Convenient for Performers and Audience

Portable showers and toilets provide a convenient way of supplying a bathroom to both performers and audience. Since music festivals often last for longer than an hour, most people in attendance are likely to use a bathroom at one point during that time. Portable showers and toilets serve as a convenient alternative to comfort room facilities. Aside from that, portable showers and toilets can be designed with ramps, or just placed on a flat surface to make them wheelchair accessible.

Portable Showers and Toilets are Versatile

Portable showers and toilets are highly considered as versatile since they can be transported and placed in an array of places. A flat surface is all that is needed. Once there is no longer a need for a portable toilet they can be removed from a location and stored until needed again. Aside from that, music festivals are often held in venues that may not have enough actual showers and toilets to accommodate crowds that may be present for a large event. Portable showers and toilets fill in the gap and ensure that the traffic at traditional bathrooms is not overwhelming during a large event.

Portable Showers and Toilets are Cost Effective

Under many circumstances portable showers and toilets are the most affordable way to accommodate performers and audience. For instance in a music festival held in public places such as a city park, they may not have the means to build a permanent facility. As such the organizers have the option of providing visitors with portable showers and toilets. Portable showers and toilets are also cost effective because it is likely cheaper than constructing an actual restroom for temporary use.

Improved Quality of Cleanliness and Sanitation

One of the most common reasons people turn to portable showers and toilets is to have clean portable toilets for short-term purposes. Advances in portable technology even allow for the ability to have a toilet trailer that flushes and has a built-in sink. Having these facilities can further decrease the likelihood of disease that can negatively impact both the local environment, as well as all in attendance at the music festival. Many toilet trailers are even temperature controlled.

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